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Tough-PAC Desktop

Tough-PAC® anti-bacterial case system for iPad

The most durable, protective, medical grade case system for iPad available today. Permanently anti-microbial to minimise device contamination and aid infection control. Proven world-wide, used in hundreds of hospitals, clinical settings, care homes, food manufacturing and education, including special needs. No need for extra cables and power supplies. A range of 'Simply-Dock' charge, sync options with multiple docks and mounts to suit many user and industry requirements. Now available in a choice of colours.

Tough-PAC® anti-bacterial case system for iPod Touch

Designed for iPod Touch 5/6th generation used as a mobile computer in busy work places. Permanent antimicrobial technology built-in to minimise device contamination and aid infection control. With all the benefits of the larger iPad case and the flexibility of a versatile computer in your pocket. The convenience of use-dock-n-go charge & sync management.

Tough-PAC PDA set
Charge Station Consul

Charge, sync & manage multiple devices

Delivers multiple device management capability to Tough-PAC Tablet with optimised charging and USB hub management. Sturdy construction, easily cleaned, CS4-MC enhances your daily productivity.

What some of our amazing customers say

“The [nursing] staff have been VERY pleased with these covers and docking stations. Very durable and easy to clean. When we had our temporary covers on the iPad’s, they weren’t being used much because of the time requirement for disassembling and cleaning them. With the Tough-PAC, no disassembly is required. Just wanted to send out a thank you for your help in acquiring these”

“We have now also a completely paperless documentation of anesthesia," explains Priv.- Doz.. Dr. Marko Fiege, chief physician of the clinic for anaesthesiology. We have tested all the possibilities; the Tough-PACs can be easily cleaned and disinfected - these covers are the most viable solution. They have been with us for three years in operation and still not a single device has been broken.”

“We have been using the Tough-PAC cases for a number of years and not had a single breakage of an iPad…. they do not look like iPads this reduces the likelihood of theft. We haven’t had a single one stolen yet.”

“With the new Tough- PAC iPod system, we don’t have to worry about connecting and disconnecting cables and the light indication tells us at a glance the battery state of a device. The dock gives a better central location for the devices in comparison to our previous solution" .. "Tough-PAC is easier to clean and less likely to be left in nurses pockets and taken home by accident” 

“We have had no breakages of an i-Pad casing in three years, which is exemplary as they look like a clinical device. The i-Pod Tough-PAC product allows us to explore further options in the use of smaller devices and could fit well for our nurses completing regular observations at patient bed side” 

“I’m very pleased with how this company takes pride in and responsibility for its products. There are far too many manufacturers who would tell me to throw the whole thing away and buy a new one to upgrade, so it’s great to come across a company that will replace just the necessary parts.”

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